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Principal's Message

Dear Kellogg Families,


Principal Minhas Pictured

Welcome to the 2018-2019 School Year! Whether you are new to the Kellogg family or returning to us, we are happy to welcome you!


We at Kellogg believe that every child deserves a champion! Whether that champion comes from our school site, or our community partnerships, we know the adults that work with your children will encourage them, support them, inspire them, making learning fun for them, and give them wonderful opportunities and experiences so that they can be the best versions of themselves. Our students are so important to us, and we do our best to see them for the unique gifts and qualities they have. We believe that childhood is such an important part of the human life experience, and we work together to give our Panthers a comprehensive education and strong foundation.


We know that it “Takes A Village” to raise a healthy, kind, loving adult and we do our best to make sure that our Panthers have as many experiences as possible to support them in their pivotal foundational years. We also know that we can’t do it alone! And, we are so lucky to have partnerships that share our vision and go above and beyond to give all our Panthers wonderful experiences.


We have an amazing partnership with the Cal Poly School of Science. With the support of Dr. Nicole Wickler and a grant through the Prete Foundation, each of our General Education classrooms has a Cal Poly Fellow to support our students. The Fellows will provide support in the classroom as well as do a lesson with the class either in math or science that ties to our garden, bringing concepts to life. You might also find the fellows in the garden after school working with their students. We believe that books open doors and expand the imagination as well as teach our Panthers about the world they live in.


Our partnership with La Verne University and the Webb Family allows us to promote Accelerated Reader and provide students with incentives to read. To promote the love of reading, Kellogg students receive a certificate when they achieve their CA gold standard for AR as well as a voucher to McDonalds! Also, La Verne University puts on an amazing Literacy event every spring where students and parents have the opportunity to go to the campus, attend various workshops, participate in fun activities, and each student that attends is given free books and goodies! Lunch is also provided for free! Last year, our 6th graders also had the opportunity to go to La Verne on a field trip to experience hands-on science. We received many compliments on the maturity of our students! If the opportunity is extended, we will go again for a second year so that our students can have this wonderful opportunity of being on a college campus and learn from college professors on a University campus.


Every child deserves a champion! Every child deserves to dream about a wonderful future and it is our moral and ethical obligation to ensure that we build the foundation that will support them on their journey to becoming global citizens. Our challenge to all those who come through are doors is to BE THE ONE! Be the one who builds Relationships! Be the one who Inspires! Be the one who is Respectful!  Be the one who is kind! Be the one who works hard to make your dreams come true! Be the one who is Responsible! Be the one who gets Results! BE THE BEST ONE YOU CAN BE!  

Be a Part of the Kellogg Family and support us so that all our Panthers R.O.A.R


Respect Everyone and Everything

Own Your Actions

Act Responsibly

Respond with Kindness


The kernel of greatness lies in every child and under the right circumstances, they can bloom into amazing adults. AS A TEAM, LET’S BE THE ONES WHO DO THE BEST TO SUPPORT OUR PANTHERS AND EXPECT THE BEST FROM OUR PANTHERS!


 With Warmest Regards,

Ms. Minhas


Kellogg Polytechnic.