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School Mission

Kellogg Polytechnic Elementary School is committed to maintaining an atmosphere in which students develop the desire to learn by working in partnership with parents, staff, and community.  Our school provides a strong comprehensive education for all of our students in order to prepare for and value citizenship, employment, and further education.  Through educational excellence we cultivate participation, enthusiasm, and success, all of which prepare our students to function in a rapidly changing world.  We strive to:

•Provide a comprehensive, standards-based curriculum that will prepare students for success in future employment, education, citizenship.

•Maintain a campus atmosphere and organize school activities that promote responsible, honest behavior directed towards developing citizens who perceive themselves as important participants in a democratic society.  All members of the school community value peace as an important goal.

•Treat students in a manner that promotes self-esteem, confidence, responsibility, and respect.

•Graduate productive citizens who are skilled communicators, problem solvers, critical thinkers, and collaborative workers.

School Vision

Our Vision for Kellogg Polytechnic Elementary School is one where children are educated through a collaborative effort among parents, staff, students and the community. Our environment encourages children to take risks and become creative producers without the fear of failure. Through cooperation and a unity spirit, challenges become opportunities where achievements are recognized and celebrated. The potential of all children to become self-directed life long learners permeates the expectations of the Kellogg family.